Can knowledge conquer the fear of death?

It is strange that we fear death when it is beckoning us each day towards it.

No, we do not fear death. We fear the unknown. Just like the dark alley no one enters, just like the dense jungle which is home to unknown creatures.

Man holds himself in high esteem for his ability to be aware of his surroundings. He wants to be aware of everything. For man knowledge is a greater craving than food as knowledge can let him encompass God’s world and bend it to his will. Knowledge lets man grow food he wants to taste and store it for use in off season. In short, knowledge lets man manipulate Nature.


That is why knowledge is compared to illumination whereas death to darkness. We see death as some kind of a long sleep where you can not see anything. Where you can not see, you have no power. Man hates being powerless. So, man fears death.

When the bones grow old, tired and rugged man wishes to reach the abode of God. When man grows weak and powerless, loses his freedom he imagines that in after-life he shall have power again. Man wishes for power after death, not a non-existence;

Because after every night, the sun shines again.


As our beloved Professor.Professor. Dumbeldore so wisely quoted,

“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”

Hence, the lack of knowledge about death causes us to fear it. 


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