Why work-out at home?

The first thing that comes into our mind as I say exercise is the ‘gym’-with all its weighty equipment, sweaty smell and people milling about.

Despite this many of us find working-out at home much comfortable. These are the reasons why-

  1. Almost all of us hate to get up from bed in the morning. I personally throw pillows at my mother when she tries to wake me up at a reasonable time. My mobile phone has scratches because I slap it too hard to snooze the alarm clock. After waking up with such dexterity, most of us may feel that doing the job of dressing up and walking to the gym too hard for our poor bones. Alternatively if we work-out at home we might adjust the time for the work-out into our usual schedule at whatever time feels comfortable. coffee-cup-bed-bedroom-large
  2. We can choose the type of work-out we want to do. Not all of us favour doing push-ups. Some of us may like skipping or aerobics. We can chose our exercise pattern on the basis of our liking.pexels-photo-45056-medium
  3. If we are bent upon losing weight quickly and need an instructor, we can always hire private instructors. They can give us a one to one instruction which is more effective on a longer run though a bit more costly. The cost-effective people may use instruction DVDs such as “Love Yourself” by Bipasha Basu. (I am not being paid to advertise the DVD. I recommend everyone this DVD as it contains a various range of workouts with very clear instructions.)trick-dog-trick-malinois-dog-show-trick-37735-large                                           See, what a great instructor. 😉
  4. For those of us who are not bent at losing weight, exercising at home may be the best option because it is almost free. We can go jogging in the morning, do stretches and physical exercise in our room. We can buy required machinery at home. We can also practice Yoga at home quite easily.pexels-photo-12344-large
  5. We can always use fitness-trackers to track our progress.hands-coffee-smartphone-technology-large

At the end of this post I shall like to add that I am not recommending anyone to work out at home. Gyms are commercial places which are meant to make your work-out experience the best. Working-out with other people at gym often motivates us. Gyms have numerous other benefits.

I only want to tell everyone that gyms are not the ultimate options. Say if you are body conscious, specially in unisex gyms, you may workout at home. You may avoid the crowd if you so please.

Bidding you all ‘Good-bye for Today’. Have a Happy work-out!




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