Romance Genre: Round the Generations

From the highly emotional lovey-dovey scenes, passionate kisses, ‘villain vs. hero fighting for Lady Love’ climaxes to the simply laughable RomComs, we love it all. So what makes Romance films and books so close to our hearts? The answer is really straight-forward. Yet I want to expand, so I shall.

For the tiny tots and crazy kids

Those tiny little energetic bodies understand very few emotions and ‘affection’ is one of them. For them love is pure and free of any evil. These kids only know a black and white world. Of course no one introduces them to the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ at such a tender age.

So, kids love the themes of ‘the princess in distress being swept away by her handsome prince’ as shown in all those animated movies and bedtime stories.


For teens and young adults

As we enter adolescence we are no doubt going through hormonal changes and see the opposite sex in a much more different light. Many new things enter our world- crushes and infatuations,friendly teasing, non-veg jokes……..

As teenagers we use the movies and books as a guide. We turn often to these to satisfy our ever-growing curiosity. Though love stories never lose their sweetness, many elements are added to them- heart-break, the fact that things may never go the way we want, additional responsibilities,etc. So teens and young adults may prefer much hard-core passionate films with a closer take on reality.


For the older guys……

Having loved and broken up and having loved and married, having a carrier fulfilled, having a family to look after or having enjoyed bachelorhood for eternity does change a person. You are more knowledgeable, less curious, more eager to tell your stories and hear others. Of-course you have sharpened your skills at teasing the young gen. and reading their facial expressions that often betray their true emotions.

Watching romantic movies at this stage is a way of rekindling memories. Enjoying the Disney Princess stories with your daughter, watching a Romcom on Romedy Now for a laugh with the family and the old Shahrukh Khan movies from where you learned the first principles of courtship does freshen the younger days in your mind. It is quite an enjoyable experience.

Romance is in the epicenter of ┬áhuman life along with one’s career. Its a thing we think about, talk about, live about. My biology teacher tells me that the sole reason for human procreation is to procreate. Life moves on Earth, the courtship pattern change, the conception of romance keeps changing, but romance remains eternally vibrant.

We can describe Romance the same way Keats describes nature-

An endless fountain of immortal drink,
Pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink.

(Lines taken from ‘A Thing of Beauty’ by John Keats.)

So there should be no doubt why romance films and books, which may contain a variety of subjects other than romance, play such an essential role in our lives.






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  1. your post is great! thanks for your sharing!

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    1. You are welcome. I love to share whatever ideas come up in my mind.


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