Key to Success

Let me first of all make everyone aware of the fact that I am not talking about success at a large level. I have never organised any successful campaign, set up a successful business, achieved world fame nor do I personally know anyone who has done so.

The world I have seen consists of people successful in their own career. I have seen people cracking difficult exams after years of study, being accepted to top institutes, being awarded the Best Student or Best Employee. Among all these successful people I have noticed some common traits which I would like to share with you in form of tips-

Tip#1- Fix a goal.

You must have been told this enough times to make you realise that this step is very important. If you don’t have a long term plan, fix a goal in near future.

Tip#2- Find out what it takes to reach your goal.

Whatever you do in life, you must find out how to prepare to give your best.

Tip#3- Decide how much you can give for the goal.

It is very important to know how much time and effort you can dedicate to your goal and if enough for you to achieve.

Tip#4- Start early

If you want to achieve your goal start as early as you can.

Most people who get into IIT start from 6th standard and complete 11th syllabus by class 10th.


It is very important to chase your goal till the end. Do not let yourself lose sight of it. Do not let yourself be distracted.

An acquaintance of mine persevered her goal and got admitted into a medical college after four tries. She knew it was worth it.

Tip#6- Balance

Balance your time between preparation and other hobbies. You must keep away some time for socialising. It is very important for a social being.

Tip#7- Occlude your feelings

Trust me, carrying your heart in your face is not going to help you.  In the walk of life you would want to keep others predicting what you are thinking.wolf-of-wall-street-quotes

Tip#8- Learn to laugh at yourself

People laughing at you should not hurt your feelings. Easier said than done. On the other hand if you love yourself enough it won’t be a problem. Everyone has deficiencies.

Tip#9- Don’t try for Universal popularity

Even God is not that popular.


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  1. Imran Ali says:

    You must cleanse yourself daily from the dirt of negativity, if you wish to progress unharmed down the road of life.

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