Trees:A Shady Boon

In Kolkata, India temperatures seem to be higher than  ever before. Leaves seem to droop due to loss of water, the tar on roads is frighteningly hot, the thirst of cows is not satiated ever, even the street dogs seem to have receded from garbage hunting during the day. Bird and animal carcasses can be often found on the road strewn beside plastics carrying rotten flowers, which had been previously used for worship.

A storm had blown away many young plants the night before but the morning seemed to have forgotten the calamities of the night where winds had blown satiating the parched soul. This very morning, or rather noon, I had to travel for work. I had forgotten my  umbrella at home. I did not regret it. After all carrying an Umbrella is an hassle, whether in summer heat or rain. Unfortunately I had run out of my sunscreen as well. So I had to walk on the road, the Sun blaring down on me, depriving me of the last ounces of energy, burning my skin. I thought I would faint before reaching my destination.

Then I saw hope- a dark shadow screening the Sun from me a few miles ahead. I ran for it. Ran to the darkness so it could blindfold the Sun away from me. Finally I was there under the shady boon.

I wished to thank the being which was protecting me from the scorching Sun when even high-rise buildings failed to do so.  I looked up. Of course it was it. The big tree protected me even when our kind strives to destroy it for our own luxury. I looked around for other trees. I found one at a distant. I walked towards the shade it provided as fast as I could. I continued my journey like this, striving to go under the shade.

As I reached my destination I looked back on the long road I had covered. Then I imagined how lovely would it have been if all the roads in the cities were turned into avenues- beautiful, cool and relaxing.



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