Money: An Essential Commodity

“Money does not buy everything.” As a matter of fact the statement is true. Money does not buy everything. Yet it is the most essential piece of paper on Earth.

Many years ago the world was ran by barter system. We used to exchange goods for goods. The first problem about the system was that two people needed to have interest on the other person’s product unanimously. This was quite a difficult to achieve, e.g; Let us consider two kids Misha and Rosha. Misha has an extra pencil she wants to sell. Rosha needs the pencil. She can offer an eraser in return but Misha does not want the eraser. So Rosha can not buy the pencil.

The second problem about the system is that the commodities did not have fixed and reasonable price values, e.g; Say Rosha offers Misha a compass against the pencil. Definitely, the value of a pencil and compass are not the same. So Rosha incurs a loss here. Similarly, a piece of iron can not be exchbusiness-cash-coin-concept-41296-largeanged easily with a ball of cotton.

Here is where money came into play. It serves both person’s interest as it can be easily exchanged.  Years ago coins were minted with valuable metals. Now coins are minted with less valuable metals which do not have a high value of their own. Similarly, a thousand rupee note is much more valuable that a paper of similar size. Even Debit and credit card are available today. The value of money is according to our own conventions.  wallet-cash-credit-card-pocket-large

Money buys us our three most essential needs- food, clothes and shelter. Money is just a medium, the value of a man’s labour or of the preciousness of commodity that man buys with it.Practically, money can buy whatever man can build.

So why come up with a saying “Money does not buy everything.” The main reasons for this saying are as follows-

»For earning money we need to put in an investment which is often our hard-work and intelligence. Often we tend to exchange our good will for the sake of money. This saying is to remind everybody that good will is often more essential than any commodity on Earth. Good will should not be given away lightly. Otherwise our conscience will begin to bother us.

»The second purpose of this saying is to remind one and all that many things are yet to be achieved by man. Everything can not be bought, e.g; if man can learn to induce love in others, then love will also become a salable commodity. Until then it is not salable.

Hence money is indeed very valuable. Even one coin should be handled carefully as tremendous labour has been put in to achieve it. Having lots of money is a prize for one’s labour, it does not necessarily signify that the rich are greedy. The people who become rich by their own hard-work know the value of money. Maybe they are the most simplest beings on Earth.

As for me I do not believe that having materialistic pleasures is a fault. Having it is in no way easy.

“Money is valuable. Use it carefully.” 

  1. “Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like.” –Will Rogers
  2. “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” –Jonathan Swift
  3. “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” – Woody Allen

    (Let me know your views about money.)





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