Relationships:Drifting apart

The wind was banging against the glass pane, demanding to be let inside so it could takes its course-taking away to its fill against payment of a floor strewn with dust and debris. Rushali saw the lightning bolt strike the old Banyan tree nearby, severing it in half. The wind then attacked the tree with rage ,flinging one half of it onto a group of power-lines. Suddenly the room became dark. Rushali fell to her knees as a growling roar raged through the sky.Shaking with fear she crawled to her bed, hitting many objects in the dark. She curled herself up on the bed. Her fingers reached for the mobile. The flashlight showed her only companion in this room- her shadow.

A similar thunderstorm was fresh in Rushali’s mind. The sky was raging as the white van carried away a man’s prone body shrouded with white cloth-her father. Her tears mixed with rain and howls of agony that came out of her Mother’s mouth were drowned by the thunder. She had flown in recently. A few hours ago her mother’s calls had disturbed her in her office. She had cut the phone thrice before taking up the next call. “Your father is ill. Come as soon as you can.” Fearing the worst, Rushali had taken the next flight home. There she had got the news. She did not know what to do as memories swept through her mind- moments of laughter, caring for each other and being sad together, the missed moments of sharing thoughts when she was too busy with her job. Only one phrase ran repeatedly through her mind,”Never again.”

It did not do a person good to dwell on the past. She broke away from her thoughts. She could not call her mother now to just worry her but she felt lonely in the small unlighted room. She searched the phone’s log book. She stopped at the name ‘Meghna’.

It is often that we drift apart from a person without noticing it. As we move on with time we make new friends,try to  supplement our need from our older relationships as we become Independent. The fact is relationships can not be supplemented- whether it be of love, rivalry or enmity. Every specific person has a role to play in our lives. Any person can not be replaced. The only thing that we can do is to adapt to changes- for the better or worse.

The only thing constant about life is change. 

So our relationships also change drastically. Often when we stay at a place while someone close moves away we figure that we can live without his/her. The fact is we can live without him/her but not in the same way.

Often we distance ourselves from people we want to be close to. As in Rushali’s case, she was too busy settling in a foreign atmosphere, doing her job, interacting with her new companions. When the day was over she was too exhausted to talk to anyone.

As for her parents they may have felt ignored. They could think the only reason their child was not picking their calls was because she was not missing them as much as they were missing her.

Rushali did miss them, she was just too busy to notice that. Rushali’s priorities had shifted. She was busy adapting to her new surroundings. She did not know she was drifting away because unconsciously she had let go the rope that was holding her o the shore. Metaphorically speaking, she could still see her parents but not judge the her distance from them. The same thing could have happened to her parents too.

Rushali could only realise how far she was when she hit a rock in mid-sea. This happened on her Father’s passing away. She would want to swim back but she would never be able to. After all changes are not easy to accept, more so the drastic ones as these, but they happen anyway.

Drifting away is not necessarily a bad thing. Change is a part if life. Relationships need changes to become more stronger. We need to know and remember that the amount of time we spend with our close ones does not tell how much they care for us. Human emotions are complex. We should not judge a man’s feelings too quickly.

Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.“- Bob Marley

We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.“- Barbara de Angelis

Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.“- Hugh Mackay

To be continued……………..

In the next part of Relationship series we will discuss the facts about broken friendships, meeting old faces, sorting out disagreements,etc.

Till then tell me your stories on Relationships: Drifting apart.

Wait for the next part for the story of Rushali and Meghna. To be uploaded soon.



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  1. Imran Ali says:

    Hatred is a learned response, whereas Love comes natural from the core of your being.


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    1. True in a way. I differ. Sometimes we hate a person because he/she does not give us the attention we want from them. Otherwise we can simply ignore a person we don’t like.It may or may not be learned.

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  2. Imran Ali says:

    Things you should never regret about:
    Love & kindness.

    They are never wasted, they will come back to you, One day!

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