In Love with ‘House Chores’

I am an extremely lazy person from childhood. I would be quite surprised to find one person that is lazier than me. I do hope such a person exists.

I have been pampered as a child. I usually refrain from tying my shoe laces, combing   my own hair and cutting my nails. I am used to be pulled out of bed, fed breakfast and then being hurried away to school.  What a nuisance I was to my mother.

Now I am stuck at home for three months with almost nothing to do. So I find that being lazy is a luxury of the busy people. Without work life gets dull.

One day I got up from bed on my own. A soul which is not tired does not need that much rest. I was sweating badly after my work-out session (which consisted of aerobics which I am very fond of and am not lazy about). I tried to lie a bit on my bed when my hair clip poked me at the back. I threw it away. Then I felt grains of dust on the bed sheet. I got up and took a good look at my room. I knew that if I left it like that it would be automatically cleaned in a few days by one of my parents. On the other hand I had a lot of energy and time to do it myself. So for once I resolved to do my work myself.

It is not difficult guys! We just have to pick up a dirty rag and start dusting. After the cleaning was done I made my bed. That was a difficult job. The coffee cup lay on the book I had been reading last night. Other books lay strewn along with a no. of pillows, hair clips and dirty and clean clothes. You see my bed serves me as a wardrobe, a study and dining table, drawer and of course, as a bed. I had to arrange my book shelf, showcases and wardrobe. Here are a few pics of different stages-

As you may figure out these pics are not of my bed. I just wanted to show you the stages.


What did I gain after doing all the hard-work?

Satisfaction…………….Of having done my chores myself.

Soothing sight.….the room looked so clean.

Discovering a new hobby………cooking. I cook really well. Do tell me about any good recipes I might try as a beginner.

Perspiration………as by the end of it I was really tired. Finally time for an afternoon nap.


No that girl is not me. I wish I had such a nice figure. Lo……if I go on doing my work like this I would be losing weight a lot faster than I expected.

Oh…something I needed to add which I found out later. Getting yourself into chores keeps away useless depressing thought from your mind and gives you time to think positively. Now, chores have become a daily activity along with my work-outs.

Try doing chores with your favourite song on. You may enjoy chores too (for a while).

The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” —Agatha Christie

When I have time, I’ll be a good girl and do my chores.“- Camilla Luddington

If you can share with me some tips to make my bed look more neat and proper, I will be very thankful.


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