FIGHTs: A few benefits

Fights are some of the most important occurrences in life. However fights are ultimately a nuisance. We fight, we take out our anger on known or unknown people, after it ends we think about it, we think of the reasons we are justified, then doubts creep in our mind, sometimes we think how would things have gone if we had thought out our actions, we think how we could have avoided the mess and then end up trying to fix the fissures caused by it. We usually end up regretting fights. It would have been wonderful to have a peaceful world and a peaceful mind.

Lo! That can not happen. A peaceful world means a tolerant and understanding world. Humans are not made that understanding by Nature, so a peaceful world is an option that can not be had.

One thing that I have learned about Mother Nature is that she does nothing without a purpose. So is there a reason behind these fights, intolerance and lack of understanding? Lets have a look.


Family is one group of people in whom we entrust. Fights internal to families is caused by many reasons: jealousy and greed at the top of the list.

Fights in families are usually reparable. These fights have a tendency to get fixed quickly. The reason for this is as people in our family tend to be similar to us in more than one ways; the biggest being sharing a past together. With friends, the time needed to fix up things after a fight is directly proportional to the closeness of a friendship.heartsickness-lover-s-grief-lovesickness-coupe-50592-large


1.After a fight we get a clear picture of the other person’s true opinion on us. e.g; a fight with my best friend after having ruined her project let me know that she thought me as an utter dunce who usually did no work on the projects. A true statement which I later tried to rectify.

2.When we fight with a person, the duration of reconciliation ends up strengthening our relationship. The fact that we can put past our differences to love each other is an important factor when it comes to adjustment and happiness.

3. It makes us realise the value of a person we are fighting with.


Now, these fights are interesting. We get into fights with our neighbours, room-mates, co-passengers, taxi-drivers, etc. The reasons for these are various. We fight with neighbours over the safe and clean way of depositing garbage; we argue with rikshaw wallahs over fares; we fight with other passangers over who gets the window seat.

»For one, these fights add a lot of humour to our life. The postures of fighing people are just too funny to ignore.

»These fights add a pace to our life.

»These fight help us put it through the other’s skull what we want.

» They always provide solutions even when legitimate discussions won’t.  The Mighty always wins.

So, what I am trying to say is that even if fighting is not at all a nice thing, because it leads to everybody being hurt, it does add to our bodies some excitement- an adrenaline rush and gives us more power on our own lives.

When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.“- Donald Trump

Everyone knows that if you’ve got a brother, you’re going to fight.– Liam Gallagher


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