Prisoners in the Enemy Den

This morning while reading newspaper (Times of India) I came across an article on Mehboob Elahi, an Indian detainee, who served 19 years in Pakistani Jail. A few lines from the article caught my eyes and send me into a dizzy after I read them.

His ordeal started immediately after his arrest from Lakshmichowk in Lahore. He used to be tied to ice slabs for hours, or even hung from ceiling fans. He was even thrown among fierce dogs. “But the worst was when they burnt my chest and neck. They would not allow me to sleep or sit down and made me stand for days and nights. They beat me up whenever I tried to sit. I was also not allowed to offer prayers on Eid.” Read more…….

The interesting fact is that these lines neither made my blood boil with anger nor surprised me. India- Pakistan relations have been strained since Indian Independence.  Frankly I don’t know how Pakistani spies are treated in Indian Jails.

Today, I do not wish to speak about the anger seeping between these two countries but war prisons of the world as a whole.

I have read a few articles and seen a few movies on war prisons. The only thing I found common between them is torture. Torture as its Best. A Special Award should be given to the people who can innovate different techniques of torture and carry them out in such a flawless precision. I wouldn’t even dare. I am too weak-hearted.

Here is an extract from VIETNAM’S WORST POW CAMP – Part One (Bob Garwood the American Viet Cong) By Zalin Grant.

The 18 young Americans, barefoot, in tatters, and on the verge of starvation were given little rice and forced by the Viet Cong to gather manioc, their potato-like food, which was sometimes poisoned with Agent Orange by U.S. spray planes. They lived under constant danger of being bombed by their own forces. An American turncoat armed with a rifle—Marine Bob Garwood–helped the Viet Cong keep them in line. Read more….

See, torture and its innovative forms. I am sure Books have been written about these and movies made. Hardly changes the fact that these torture measures are still carried out in many places of the world.

I can understand we kill each other in wars. Sometimes wars become necessary for better or worse. Sometimes we fight wars out of greed. Sometimes we simply fight wars because we have the power to do so.

My question: Is inhuman torture of war prisoners necessary?

  • The one reason I can find for using such torture techniques is finding out hidden information from spies and such. My question is, if we had to use physical torture what is the use of advancement of science? There are numerous not-so-harmful drugs that can be used to get out information now-a-days.
  • So, if it is not about getting out information so what is about. Pleasure? Its childish to think like this. I mean what do we think,” Hehehe….he punched my friend, now I have broken open his jaw.” Just look at this example from Nazi camp in Auschwitz.
  •  ‘Arrival in Auschwitz is a defining moment in your life. The doors open, you are thrown out, greeted by barking dogs, screaming figures with whips, a stench of burning flesh and a glow of fire. Everything happens at breakneck speed. “Out, out, out!” You are driven off running. You are taken to a building, stripped, put under cold showers, driven into the next hall where they shave off your hair. There are no towels so you are still wet and cold. Then women prisoners smear your body with a mop dipped in green fluid which stings. In the next hall you are thrown some rags and wooden clogs. In the final hall there are women sitting at tables with funny pens in their hands and before you know it needles are piercing your skin. That is when you become a number [39934]. Whistles blow and there is a roll call. Thousands of women are rushing to stand in line. For hours you stand in the rain and people fall to the ground dead. Then you are driven into a hut and you think, “At last, I can lie down.” But you can’t. There are 1,000 women trying to lie down on the bunks. You are lucky to find a corner to cling to. Welcome to Auschwitz. Welcome to hell.’Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • See, so innovative The only thing good that came out of it a huge advancement in science but at what cost? pexels-photo-102159-large
  • Then Torture is not an innovation of the modern generation. Here is an extract from Bible.
  •  Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged.  The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head. They clothed him in a purple robe and went up to him again and again, saying, “Hail, king of the Jews!”And they slapped him in the face. Read more….

  • See. So what do we gain by torture. A stone for stone. Tit for tat. Why can’t it be like this? A flower for a flower. The world would become a beautiful place. Paradise on earth.

These are just a few theories that I have sprouted in my head. The fact is the reason why we do it is not important. The important thing is to stop it. How?

My suggestion would be for a third party to regularly check the conditions of prisoners and spies in enemy jail. How to do it? I will leave it up to more knowledgeable people in powerful positions across the world. I am sure the UN does everything in its power to prevent wars and its aftermath.

What you must understand that these words come from a mouth of a mere Juvenile, with not much understanding of the world. I speak from the view of Morality. We should look out for the aftermath of these wars which happen.

If we have to fight a war, why not fight it with dharma?

 I am giving my honest opinion and I want you to share your opinion about this worldwide problem.


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