Teaching and Influencing Kiddoes

Seeing a kid running down the street with a plastic bat in hand reminds us of our childhood days. Our memories may have blurred with time but some important points from that stage of life remain crystal clear in our mind; our playmates, our blunders and achievements among them. Another thing we remember are the people who influenced us to become what we are today. As childhood is the most impressionable stage of life, how we influence kids can either make them great or lead to devastation.

Now the question is how we influence kids to a brighter future?

First and foremost, we need to build patience in kids. How do we do it? By being patient with them.

  1. Something made me take an interest in the education of my house maid’s kid Subho. He is a jolly bright kid who takes an interest in mischief like many others. Luckily, when it comes to studies he is sincere. I wanted to teach him how to read a clock. He grasped the concept of hour hand quickly enough but it took me another hour to teach him to count the minutes. I asked him to count each partition in the clock as five minutes. Now, he could multiply five with the no. the minute hand is pointing to. He could not grasp the concept for six times. Compared to my childhood he learned very slowly. Now if I had shown my impatience at the child he would have been terrified and given up but I fortunately restrained. On the seventh attempt he could grasp the basics and a few further attempts made him accomplish it.  He got to know how to read the clock, I finally got the satisfaction of succeeding in my first attempt at teaching.

Lesson 1 for kids# He learned that if he tries something he can not grasp the first few times, he will grasp it eventually.

Lesson 1 for adults# We can not measure the child by yardstick of our childhood. Every child takes his/her own time to nurture.

2. As a parent one must try to keep arguments and fights away from kids. If he/she has a general sense of fights in families, he/she would think that anger is the normal state of living. baby-caucasian-child-daughter-53590-large

Second, be what you want your kids to be. Kids are usually influenced by the people they grow up watching- whether it be a parents, teachers or siblings. Be nice and caring to your parents if you want your child to do the same for you. Do your work yourself so the kids learn to do their work themselves( *Lesson 2 for kids*). Be active. Be happy.

The biggest advantage of this is that no one will be able to label you a hypocrite.

(*Lesson 2 for parents*)

Third, kids learn the most from teachers. It is a duty of a teacher to encourage questions from children and give them answers. Kids should not get the wrong answer(*Recipe for disaster*). We must recognise that kids are really curious beings by Nature specially because they are so new to the world. (*Lesson 3 for teachers, including parents*)4d2660c72722dbea504db6b0882dd079-large

Lesson 3 for kids# They will learn to get answers for their questions.

Fourth, we must remember that the best teachers in the world are those who can generate genuine interest of his/her students on the subject. Usually if kids like teachers, they like what they teach and vice versa.

  1. Some teachers I loved as a child were some of the best orators. They kept me hooked with stories in between lessons from real life or imagination.

Lesson 4 for adults# Keep the child hooked on to whatever you are teaching. Tell kids things that they would like to hear and which are also relevant to your lesson.

2.  Show children rather than tell. Live examples, pictures and videos have a larger impression on the mind of a child than anything else. (*Lesson 5 for adults*)

Lesson 4 for kids# Child will learn to identify different thing in the world.

3. We should take a genuine interest in the kids. The children love nothing more than being considered important.pexels-photo-12703-large

Fifth, we must encourage kids to share things with his/her siblings, friends, family, etc. e.g;When buying a chocolate bar we must ask kids to share it equally among his/her siblings. We must buy them the same toys. We must ensure that fighting over things is not allowed. (*Lesson 5 for kids and adults*)

These children grow up into adults who can easily adjust into situations.pexels-photo-27559-large

Teaching a child is a learning process in itself. Keep going. You will enjoy the experience.

 One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.

– Carl Jung

Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.“- Charles Kuralt

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.“- Denis Waitley

Children need models rather than critics.
  — Joseph Joubert, French moralist

I am quite interested to know your methods of teaching. Please leave a comment below.


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