A Palette of Colours

Roses are red, grass is green, whatever the color maybe, we will still love it.

pablo (2)

Then why do we discriminate when it comes to the colour of skin? We think black clothes are stylish, Gulab Jamun(A black sweet) is tasty, we think the black night sky is peaceful; Then why don’t we think a black coloured skin is a beauty too?

Once I thought racism is a foreign phenomenon. Why would a country of coloured folks like us look down on some with a not so fair skin? No, it is ever present. Look at this.

A typical marimonial ad reads like these-

28 year old, MBA, fair, 6’3 man requires a qualified, b’ful, v.fair bride for marriage. Cast no bar. pexels-photo-large

Caste may no longer be so important (Thank God!) but that does not mean that the sight of girl should not be like Sunshine on the eyes.

No one cares for Melanin these days. Poor you!

Even the darker people want benefits of fairness. See Fair and Lovely is a 1100 crore brand. Wow! Fairness seems to be like a good investment.

Whats wrong with a dark skin guys? Just look into the eyes of a person. See how the dark orbs glow with excitement. There you will find the nature of a person, not through the colour of the skin.

Then also. See the Hypocrisy. One woman suffers from leukoderma and she is abandoned.

We must stop judging beauty by colour of skin. Draupadi was the darkest beauty of the world. She is revered as a goddess in South India. Even Lord Krishna was so dark that his skin appeared blue.

pablo (3)

Lets face the truth. Dark skin is healthy skin.


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  1. Saloni says:

    Loved this article 😀 Judgement on the basis of skin color is not right. I am a fair skinned person and my closest friend is really dark. So what ? But I am still judged. “You are friends with her just to look nice.” Jesus Christ.


    1. You are right Saloni. Friends are chosen for the sake of common understanding and not common colour. Thank you for sharing your experience.It is unfortunate we have to go through such experiences every day. Lets take a step to change the perception of skin colour, starting from our closest friends and family.
      Will love to hear from you again.


      1. Saloni says:


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