Joy of Working

One day while having a normal family conversation I asked my father a question,”Papa, what do you enjoy the most in life?”

The answer was simply shocking,”Working”. What was more shocking was that he actually meant it. No sarcasm intended.

Working- that thing we do begrudgingly every day, the thing we go on ranting about, we complain about the injustice of life. The question is can we even live without work.

I thought it would be a great pleasure to just get a free week so that I could get out of my state of somnolence and actually sleep for an indefinite period. I got the desired free week. You know what I did? Of course I slept. After completing those eight hours of continued sleep I only found myself to wake up bored.

Dreary dull life. Now what did I do? Of course I could not go back to my sole enemy- work. So I decided to spend my time doing other things. Sullenly going on with my life. Checking my Facebook News Feeds, reading random blogs, playing video games. Boring things in a long run.

The things I really did seem to enjoy was reading, doing house chores (Oh Yes!) and doing my work-out. So why did I enjoy doing these seemingly dull things.

For one, they gave me a sense of purpose.

Second, they occupied a lot of time.

Third, they gave me an identity.

Fourth, use of brain and brawn made me remember my worth.

Fifth, heavy physical work released endorphin in my body, giving me a good feeling.

Hence, I concluded that work is the best pass time on the Earth. When my holiday ended, I went back to work with a new vigor. Working diligently opened up many opportunities to learn.

So what are you waiting for? Start working.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.“- Thomas A. Edison

Kindly share your experiences with work.


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