Dear Outsiders,

I am a Kolkatan and if you are planning to visit Kolkata anytime soon there are certain delicacies you need to savour in Kolkata. Let me list them for you.

Let me start with my favorite first-


72953338_effc1b591b_z (1)
Photo credit: soumit via / CC BY-NC-ND

Commonly known as Gol-gappa in other parts of the country, Kolkatan phuchka is like none other. Delicious with its rich spicy taste, alu, dhaniya patta (coriander leaves) and tetul-er-jol, you have to try this out. You are bound to find phucka stands all over Kolkata and its surrounding areas. Not all Phuchka-walas (Phuchka-maker) make equally good phuchka. So for a tourist it would be best to ask a local or simply follow the hit and trial method.


Photo credit: the_digitalmonkey via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC


Don’t make your face like this. Kolkatan mishti (sweets) will put a smile on your face. Kolkatan mishti has a wide range starting from Rosogolla and ending nowhere. There are even variants among the varieties. There is simple rosogolla, mango rosogolla and nolen gurer rosogolla. If you don’t know where to start and where to end, I will recommend you to have  rosogolla, langcha, kalo jamun, sandesh and Lord Chamcham.

Photo credit: Nupur Dasgupta via / CC BY

Oh sorry! I forgot Mango Dahi and Jilipi (specially the ones found in Rath-er-mela).

Photo credit: fabulousfabs via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC


Photo credit: v i p e z via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

I can’t guarantee that you will like this one. The thing that I like about Kolkatan Biriyani is its special ‘alu’ (Potato). You will never know the beautiful taste of boiled potato if you don’t try out Kolkatan Biriyani.

Mach (Fish)

Photo credit: StateofIsrael via / CC BY-SA

Varieties of fish. You will find it all here. Talapia, Papda, Chittol, Vetki, Katla, Ilish (Hilsa)………You can not possibly try it all in one visit. So I shalll recommend you to go for ‘Vetki macher Paturi’, ‘Chittol Macher Mutha’ and ‘Sorshe Ilish’. Some of the best prawn preparations are Malai chingri and Dab Chingri (which is served in coconut shell).

Street Delights

Photo credit: Scalino via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC
Photo credit: roland via VisualHunt / CC BY

If you are not too health conscious, you must try out the Kokatan egg-chicken roll, chowmein, momo and Mughlai paratha. Then there are these varieties of chops (Pakora) -aloo chop, Kashmiri aloo chop, chicken chop, fish finger, capsicum chop that you must try out. Wait, how can I forget singara (samosa)?

Try these all out and satiate your stomach because ‘journey without good food is worthless’.

Happy journey!

 Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.“- Louise Fresco

Featured Photo credit: Travel With My Heart via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA


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  1. This was a good read indeed!


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