Hail to Bhangworts!

Rajarhat and Bhangar used to be villages; Protected by the vast stretch of a forest- the Dumdum or the Forbidden Forest, from the city what the British Muggles used to call Calcutta, later known as Kolkata. Most folks who went there never returned. It hid many dark creatures such as Werewolves, Acromantulas, Bigoaches (big brothers of cockroaches) and the most dangerous-Tigris (a creature with the long body of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the head of Bonodebi). Of course, the common folk thought the menace in the forest was due to Dacoits. A good thing too, because on the other side of the forest lay a deep secret- The Castle of Bhangworts.

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Bhangworts was an Institute for Tantric studies. Started by Mir Jafar under the patronage of Siraj-od-Daulah, this school was initially started to train tantric folks the art of tantric fighting. East India company funded the school after Mir Jafar so blatantly betrayed Siraj-od-Daulah by not sending the tantric army to battle. This school was divided into four houses: Bangals, Ghotis, Botis and Non-Bengalis. Botis considered themselves above all prejudice and their Great Hall dinner always consisted of ample quantities of meat. The mutual enemies- the Bangals and the Ghotis had preferential choices of Hilsa and Prawn respectively. Whereas the dominating non-Bengali Brahmins were happy with their vegetables. The rest of their house followed suit. Despite their many conflicts, Bangals, Ghotis and Botis united against the practices of the Non-Bengalis; Their motto,”Who can live without non-veg food?” Of course, the end of every meal was marked by the consumption of the famous ‘Bhang’ by everyone.

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In British India the only way to reach Bhangworts was Matra- a Magical Train which connected Dumdum station to Bhangar. It went through a magically created underground tunnel. As Sadharon-gon (muggle) technology evolved, a group of Sadharon-gons invaded the Dumdum forest with their machine guns and finally found their way to Rajarhat, where they were stopped by the Tantric army. A secret treaty was signed by the two parties. The Sadharan-gon  could not ever give away the secret of the existence of tantric arts. On the other hand, the Sadharon-gon were free to cut down a part of the Dumdum forest and make Rajarhat their home. The two parties also agreed on making a common aviation base in Dumdum. Later the Shadaron-gon developed the idea of Matra train for making their own Metro. Cutting the Dumdum Forest led to many centaurs and Tigris immigrating to Maidan and the Sunderbans respectively. Of course, the Acromantulas and Bigoaches continued to cause menace.

Many other events took place during this period. The tantric folk learned the use of owl-delivery from their British counterparts. Wands replaced staffs. Also inspired by Indian Government’s provision of equality to Harijans, the Botis started a movement for inclusion of Sadharon birth people in the institute. This movement was lead by none other than the Great Netaji Harish Chandra Poddar against the incumbent anti-Sadharon Viceroy Lord Supremium.

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During the period of Priya Ghandi, when the Sadharon press was being censored, the Tantric media clearly had an anti-Viceroy propaganda. When Lord Supremium finally tried to replicate the Indian Prime Minister and block the press, there was a huge Uprising. A battle ensued both in the magical village of Bhangar and Bhangworts. Defeating the militants in Bhangar, the Viceroy proceeded to Bhangworts where he was finally taken down by Netaji. Indian tantrism finally saw Independence.

NOTE: “This blogpost is an entry to the Blogging contest, a part of the book launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, in association with Kolkata Bloggers.


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