Friend: Have you been?

I spotted you there,

Your wind ruffled hair,

And for a moment I wanted to call out.

For the sake of days past.

For the smile on my face you brought,

That is so rare that it may be lost.

For the games we played,

In hidden alleys.

For the charming noon,

Too difficult not to swoon.

Forever that was to be,

Lost in melancholy.

                                                             Then I did suddenly remember,

                                                             That it was not only you that was past

                                                             For the past had been put to the past,

                                                             That love was no longer an illusion,

                                                              And I need not live in delusion

                                                              I had friends to bear the storm,

                                                              With my family I was strong.

                                                               You may have wanted so,

                                                               But you could not take away my trust

                                                               My heart is whole and pure as it was,

                                                               Careful not to be broken again

                                                               But even if past is past

                                                                And not forgotten.

                                                                It learned to forgive,

                                                                For now it has somewhere to belong.


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