4 years gone…..

4 years of scratching my head for ideas, 4 years of typing at furious speeds, 4 years of constantly checking my blog for the number of likes, 4 years of finding witty answers to your comments. For 4 years I have gotten to know you more closely, followed your blogs, got inspired by you, discussed ideas with you, practically lived with you. It is 4 years and now WordPress comes with a trophy in hand congratulating me on my 4 years of blogging. I, on the other hand, congratulate you.

It was an experience for me. It is a different feeling to share my emotions camouflaged behind a web of writings. It is even stranger to see strangers looking them up for me. It is indeed strange to share strange ideas with strangers. The funny thing is now I know you all in a way distantly, but also intimately.

Things have changed a bit these days haven’t they? WordPress has stopped giving me prompts. I don’t find those category-wise divided list of best blogs anymore. I also do not see many of my old readers these days. I suppose I left them with my old blog. I do miss them. Anyway, changes always turn out to be good in someway.

Well, for all those readers who are still here, I thank you for hanging around with me all these four years and hope you will bear my ramblings a bit more. Bidding adieu for today.

Yours sincerely,

Tiasa Banerjee


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  1. Bonsai says:

    I have really only engaged with WP for six months. I find fellow bloggers to be kind as there is incentive to be so.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bonsai, thank you for your comment. Yes, it is true that blogging community on WP is really great and encouraging. Welcome to the family.


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