I watch as the river Jhelum,

Gushes out through the chasm

Cutting across the two Mountains

Severing the land into two

As the first ray of light

Illuminates both sides of the mighty river,

On whose surface it sparkles,

The sparkle sweeping away,

Breaking on the top of a rock

Casting a gloomy shadow

On the day.

As I move towards my mates,

Clad in green,

Sleeping peacefully in their bunkers

On Mother Earth’s lap,

I feel my heart go heavy

With apprehension heavier

Than the gun I carry in my arm.

I move closer

“Wake up”, I whisper.

With a sudden jolt

His eyes stare at me

With every bit of alacrity

He rises to take up my duty

And I lie on the land I serve

Sleep withheld,

Even when the tired bones ache

Till I hear noises and guns.

I rise sharply to my feet

As a sharp whizzing sound fills my ear.

A red glow engulfs me

Casting me forever into darkness.

And here from the land of peace,

I hear the distant war bells dong.

(The image is not of Uri)


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