Cheers to Irritants

Life is a test of our patience. There are just too many ways to irritate us. Say we are travelling in a very crowded bus after a hard day’s labour. Somehow we just find our self adjacent to somebody with a very unpleasant body odour.  When we get home we are met with the poorest of dinners. Then we have to actually clean the dishes and make the bed before falling asleep. Then we are met with the grand entry of the biggest nuisances- Mosquitoes.

These are just minor irritants. There are plenty of big ones such as standing in 3 hour long queues for getting 500 and 1000 Rupee notes exchanged. Or finding ways to convert black money into white under high Government scrutiny. Irritants are here and they will be there as long as we live. So we just need a way to keep our anger in check when faced with those on a daily basis. How to do so?

A few days ago my teacher suddenly made a mention of boggarts in class. Mind you he is not my Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. My English teacher asked us to think about the way wizards get rid of boggarts- By laughing. Exactly what we can do when we are faced with an irritant.

Laughing about something gives a very comic angle to that thing. For the sake of our health, we better laugh than rant. Laughing will decrease our stress hormones and increase immunity. Laughing will clear our mind enough to make decisions calmly. As Benjamin Franklin puts it”Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.” And whatever is begun in laughter ends in satisfaction. Most importantly, laughing will amuse us enough to see life as a fun-filled journey.

Mind you, laughing at irritants is tough. Anger overpowers us easily. Whenever we feel anger start boiling in us we must start thinking of ways in which to laugh at the irritant. Or just start laughing for no reason inside our head. Our anger won’t be able to spill out.

So next time you hear some handsome gentleman saying,”She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me you may as well find a Charlotte to laugh about it with.

Here ends the idea my teacher has on controlling anger. I have tried it and it does work wonders. But if you ask me what I actually do to control my anger my answer would be much simpler. I simply start writing (or thinking of what to write). My fellow bloggers, you can do the same. Writing is love.


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