Weight Issues vs. Image issues

You think you have weight issues? Tell me, are you obese? Has the blood pressure in your body got so high that you think you can not live long?  Do you have serious medical problems? No. Then I am sorry dear but I don’t think you have weight issues.

Constantly checking the net for weight loss measures, not eating your favourite recipe because you might gain weight, constantly checking your belly in the mirror, tagging yourself as weak because of your weight- they can only be a part of an image issue. The sad thing is- you can reduce your weight and remove your weight issues but image issues persist even after that. It is a very sad plight and I can say so because I have one (by self-diagnosis).

So today I am going to make an amazing revelation. You and your existence does not revolve around your weight and any other physical disabilities. If a blind man could climb Mount Everest, then you can also live your life quiet happily. Your success does not depend on your weight. Your chances of becoming a dancer are not hindered by your weight.  You can be fat and amazing. You can be smart, flexible, springy. You are no cartoon character.

Our image issues on weight are formed not only by the constant teasing by our companions and family but also our insecurities. We seriously need better things to anchor our confidence on. Lose your weight by all means, stay healthy, but don’t let your weight affect your confidence. Because we are not our bodies, our bodies are not  us.


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  1. Daniel says:

    It’s pretty bad. Weight becomes a problem for later. So this is crap.


    1. Dear Daniel,
      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you, weight is always a problem. But it should not necessarily inflict on us stress. Weight may remain for some time but it has a prolonged mental effect on us. We become uncomfortable with our body and never truly recover. On the other hand, this does not happen to all of us. There are fat people who are very comfortable in their skin. They do not let their figure hinder their daily life. Through this post, I attempt to learn from them.
      Hence, I request you to read this post again in your free time and get the essence of it. Thank you again.


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