Man vs. Wild

“Green, green everywhere;

Not a grass to pick”

Indeed you can not step out of your jeep. You are dazzled by the landscape, your heart pounds to the rhythm of the motor engine, you overflow with feelings and yet you are soothed with beauty. If only you could break open the door of the jeep and plunge into the gurgling water. If you could only drink the water of a fresh stream. If you could only run with the herds of deer. If you could jump from one branch to another. If you could soar. If you could feed your children worms from your beak. Only if you could love, and love endlessly.

But you are bound. No, you have enough strength to break the jeep door open. What binds you is humanity. You are bound by conventions. You are bound by your sense of superiority. You can not let your passions loose. You can not be wild. Like a man who is holding the chains of his imprisonment, like the person who ties his own noose, you are imprisoned by yourself.

Let yourself loose. Let the shackles fall. Let yourself be free to run, jump, dance, and sing. Let yourself indulge in your passions. Let chirping birds wake you from a deep slumber. Let owls be your companions of night. Let your sweat flow like the River Beas, high up in the Himalayas. Let your mind work so fast that you can not stop to think. Rush on. And when you tire, stand and take a deep breath. Think and run again. Be wild. Be free.

“The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans.”- Jim Fowler

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