Man vs. Wild

“Green, green everywhere; Not a grass to pick” Indeed you can not step out of your jeep. You are dazzled by the landscape, your heart pounds to the rhythm of the motor engine, you overflow with feelings and yet you are soothed with beauty. If only you could break open the door of the jeep…

Friend: Have you been?

I spotted you there, Your wind ruffled hair, And for a moment I wanted to call out. For the sake of days past. For the smile on my face you brought, That is so rare that it may be lost. For the games we played, In hidden alleys. For the charming noon, Too difficult not…

The Castle of Cards

I have abandoned sleep, Just to think some more About God’s great gift In providing me with this beautiful bounty Of love and of joy, Of immense beauty, Of wishes and dreams Built like a castle of cards To be destroyed by a single whispering breeze; Conniving as the wind is Letting the sails up…


A poem dedicated to the favourite of many-coffee

Forbidden Fruit

A teenager’s attempt to resist temptation for the forbidden drink expressed in the form of a poem which explicitly shows the excitement one feels when travelling into unknown terrains.